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Best weight loss clinic Chandler, AZ
weight loss clinic Chandler AZ

Lose Weight at Essence Medical Center

Weight loss can be a frustrating goal. Whether you don’t know which diet to go with (there are so many options these days), or you have already tried them all without success, we have many options to reach your weight goal with a medically supervised weight loss plan. Please call us today to schedule your weight loss appointment.

Why Work With Dr. Paula Lima?

We Focus on Holistic Wellness

Our goal is to help you be healthier, happier, and more vital; weight loss is simply a means to that end. Dr. Lima will help you understand the root cause of your weight struggles, and she will help create a personalized strategy to balance hormones, increase energy, and yes, decrease caloric intake. Not only can you weigh less – you can live a healthier and fuller life.

A Compassionate and Understanding Doctor

Dr. Lima pursued Naturopathic Medicine because she believed it could truly help people achieve better holistic health. She wants to help people lose weight and keep it off, and she never judges patients or holds them to unrealistic expectations. You will be held accountable, but it will be in a friendly, caring and supportive environment.

Reach Your Ideal Weight Without Medication or Surgery

In select cases, a patient may need a weight loss drug like Orlistat or a procedure like gastric bypass. However, the former can cause severe gastrointestinal side effects, while the latter can lead to nutrient deficiencies. As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Lima wants to help you find out exactly why you are gaining weight and present natural strategies to help you live a healthier life. Natural supplements, dietary changes, exercise suggestions, and sleep hygiene all come into play, while invasive procedures or pharmaceutical products function as a last resort.

Lose Weight With Medical Grade Nutrition

You’ve no doubt tried various diet programs in the past, focused on either a low fat or high protein diet, and understand the concept that you need to “burn more calories than you consume.” However, this can be an overly simplistic approach to weight loss.

Dr. Lima, a Naturopathic Doctor, has studied micronutrients and their impact on weight loss in great depth. She can help you understand how certain foods destabilize your blood pressure and increase inflammation, thereby causing you to put on weight.

Lab work can help reveal specific deficiencies, and Dr. Lima will put together a dietary strategy just for you that is rooted in science. Your nutrient intake will be optimized, your hormones will begin to function at a higher level, and you can start to lose weight in a healthy, natural, and sustainable manner.

Get a Personalized Plan Through Lab Work

Dr. Lima helps weight loss patients obtain lab work that will help us decide on a personalized and effective weight loss strategy. We will want a complete picture of your metabolic health, your cholesterol levels, your risk of diabetes, and more. To start, we may recommend a comprehensive lab work to evaluate your specific case.

Some patients suffer from hypothyroidism. An underperforming thyroid can cause significant weight gain, and some patients don’t reach their weight loss goals until they find the right balance of foods and natural supplements to regulate their thyroid function. We can perform lab tests that will reveal hormonal imbalances like insulin and cortisol, offer insight into the condition of your thyroid, and even test for a fatty liver.

Once your labs are complete, Dr. Lima will study the results and create a scientifically-based weight loss program for you.

Optimizing Your Hormone Levels For Weight Loss

A naturopathic doctor (ND) plays a significant role in weight loss, particularly by addressing hormonal imbalances that often underlie weight gain issues. Hormonal imbalances can affect metabolism, appetite, and fat distribution, making weight loss challenging. NDs approach weight loss holistically, focusing on restoring hormonal balance through natural therapies, lifestyle changes, and dietary adjustments.

One common hormonal issue that NDs address is thyroid dysfunction. The thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate metabolism. Hypothyroidism, a condition where the thyroid is underactive, can lead to weight gain due to a slower metabolism. Naturopathic doctors may recommend a combination of dietary changes, supplements, and herbal remedies to support thyroid function. Supplements like iodine, selenium, and zinc are often suggested, as they are essential for thyroid hormone production. A study published in the ‘Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism’ has shown the effectiveness of selenium supplementation in improving thyroid function.

In addition to thyroid health, NDs often focus on balancing other hormones that influence weight, such as insulin, cortisol, and sex hormones. For instance, chronic stress can lead to elevated cortisol levels, which is associated with abdominal weight gain. NDs may recommend stress-reduction techniques, adaptogenic herbs, and dietary changes to manage cortisol levels.
Furthermore, naturopathic doctors consider the role of insulin in weight management. Insulin resistance, often a result of poor dietary habits and lack of exercise, can lead to weight gain and difficulty losing weight. NDs may suggest a low-glycemic diet and supplements like chromium, which research has shown can improve insulin sensitivity.

In conclusion, naturopathic doctors offer a comprehensive approach to weight loss by addressing hormonal imbalances. Through a combination of dietary advice, lifestyle changes, and natural supplements, NDs can help manage conditions like hypothyroidism, cortisol imbalance, and insulin resistance, aiding in effective and sustainable weight loss.

Best weight loss clinic Chandler, AZ
weight loss clinic Chandler AZ

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