Ozone Therapy in Chandler, AZ

ozone therapy Chandler

Ozone Therapy in Chandler, AZ

Ozone therapy (MAH) utilizes our body’s most critical nutrient, Oxygen. Ozone is when we take medical grade oxygen (O2) and run it through an ozone generator, which adds an extra oxygen molecule making it Ozone or O3. This valuable extra oxygen molecule, super oxygenates the body, improving our oxygen utilization, or how well our cells use oxygen. By improving oxygen utilization within our cells we can improve pain symptoms, slow the aging processes, curb infections, and reduce free radicals. This reduction in inflammation improves our energy levels, modulates the immune system, improves mitochondrial function, and works as a potent antimicrobial agent.

Some of the Many Benefits of Ozone and Oxygen Therapy

Ozone therapy has been widely used in Europe since the early 1800s, and is still greatly used for many conditions. Ozone can be beneficial if you are struggling with:

  • Pain
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic Infections (viral, bacterial fungi, etc)
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Lung Conditions

Chandler ozone therapy can be performed in many different ways, IV therapy, nasal insufflation, rectal insufflation, topical ozone creams, contact our clinic today to see if Ozone Therapy is right for you!

How Ozone Therapy Can Help Reduce Pain

Ozone therapy is often used to reduce inflammation, particularly in patients suffering from osteoarthritis, back pain, herniated discs, other musculoskeletal conditions, and more. The body’s heightened oxidative responses following exposure to the extra oxygen particle are what help mitigate pain; and if you have questions about the specifics of how ozone therapy reduces inflammation, contact Chandler’s top naturopathic doctor, Dr. Paula Lima. The increase in blood flow, the boost of antioxidative enzymes, and the modulation of cytokines have helped many people.

How Ozone Can Help With Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Ozone has been linked to the stimulation of new mitochondria in cells, and more mitochondria can lead to increased energy production in that cell. This, in turn, can help fight disease and age-related health conditions. Ozone also helps your blood deliver more oxygen to tissues throughout the body, and it can help stabilize mitochondrial membranes.

Ozone and Oxygen Treatment Can Help With Fatigue

Patients suffering from chronic fatigue should consult with a holistic doctor, as there are many types of inflammation or auto-immune disorders that can contribute to this condition. However, ozone and oxygen therapy in Chandler can certainly help.

When your body has heightened oxygen utilization (after ozone therapy), more oxygen will be delivered to your cells, thereby allowing them to produce more energy. Ozone therapy can boost your immune system, reduce oxidative stress, detoxify your body, and more. If you have chronic fatigue and would like to consider oxygen or ozone therapy, contact Essence Medical Center.

Ozone Therapy is a Master Disinfectant

Ozone therapy kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and more, and as a result, it can help curb disease, mitigate severe cold sores, and even sterilize a patient’s mouth after a tooth removal or something of that nature. Along those lines, patients with oral conditions (like when a patient’s roots are showing), may improve after receiving ozone therapy. Some patients are even able to stop using extra-sensitive toothpaste, and things of that nature.

All of the above principles also help your body ward off cardiovascular disease and improve lung conditions. For more information about ozone therapy, or if you’d like to receive one of our other holistic treatments like massage therapy in Chandler